'That guy is so beyond racist' - Colby Covington accuses Belal Muhammad of racism after marking his return in UFC octagon

Belal Muhammad was also not pleased when Colby Covington showed up at UFC 286 to weigh in as the backup fighter.

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Colby Covington and Belal Muhammad (Source - Twitter)

Colby Covington and Belal Muhammad (Source - Twitter)

The announcement of Colby Covington's return to mixed martial arts brought another controversy. The backup fighter for UFC 286, Covington weighed in after a break of more than a year. After the fight between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman, in which the ‘Rocky’ emerged victorious, UFC President Dana White announced that Covington will be the next contender for the welterweight belt.

However, this sparked a lot of criticism from both fans and competitors. But the most shocking statement came from Belal Muhammad as he said that Covington’s skin color was the reason to get the welterweight title shot. After which, Covington allegedly accused Belal Muhammad of being a racist.

"Belal Muhammad, oh, let's talk about Belal Muhammad. You're talking about the racist, right? You're not talking Belal. You're talking the racist. That guy is so beyond racist. Everything he does is racist. The guy is a freaking joke. He's saying I'm in this position because of my skin color because I'm white? That's clear racism." Covington was quoted as saying by Sportskeeda.

"I announced that the UFC and ESPN need to cut him from the panel. They can't have a racist on their show, and you know who's hanging out with and associating with that racist? Jon Anik. Jon Anik supports that racism so it's a freaking joke, and Jon Anik is supposed to be impartial." He added.

You don't cross your boss: Colby Covington to Leon Edwards

In his comeback to the octagon, Colby Covington may challenge for the welterweight championship, according to UFC President Dana White. Because of the No. 2 welterweight's inactivity, welterweight champion Leon Edwards said he would not sign the contract. In response, "Chaos" issued "Rocky" the following warning:

"There's a saying that goes on, Leon, and shut your fumbling mouth, open your freaking stupid ears and listen to the advice I give because it's the only advice I'm going to give to you Leon. You don't cross your boss and you will learn the hard way. Remember that Leon. That's the only advice I'm giving you. You don't cross your boss."