Watch: Video of MS Dhoni smoking hookah during social event goes viral

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) captain MS Dhoni is set to return to action for the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 season after recovering from knee surgery.

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The former legendary India wicketkeeper batter, M S Dhoni has a huge fan base and whatever he does comes under the spotlight. In recent times, wherever Dhoni goes the fans tend to follow him and it becomes headlines. Chennai Super Kings (CSK) captain MS Dhoni is set to return to action for the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 season. However, the renowned cricketer, who is widely adored on the internet, faced some queries online when a video of him smoking Hookah gained viral attention.

Fitness is a widely acknowledged characteristic of MS Dhoni, the former India captain and star player for the Chennai Super Kings. Except for the previous season, during which he grappled with a knee ailment, Dhoni has encountered very few fitness challenges despite being a retired international cricketer who exclusively participates in the IPL. Even at 42, he continues to uphold a high level of fitness and remains one of the top wicketkeepers in the sport.

A key factor contributing to Dhoni's success as a captain is his skill in supporting players and providing opportunities for young talents to excel. Former teammate George Bailey has disclosed Dhoni's distinctive approach to connecting with his players and dismantling any barriers. Bailey has highlighted Dhoni's open-door policy for players and mentioned instances where the captain would often have a hookah or sheesha set up in his room.

“He likes smoking a bit of the sheesha or the hookah. So, he quite often would set that up in his room, and it was very much open-door policy. You would go in and quite often find a lot of younger players there. For India or a lot of other cricket teams, it can be hierarchical, but he certainly broke that down,” Bailey told

Dhoni sues former business partners over alleged fraud of ₹ 15 Crore

 Dhoni has lodged a criminal complaint against his former business partners in a sports firm, accusing them of defrauding him of over ₹15 crores by failing to honour a contract, as stated by his lawyer. The complaint, directed at Mihir Diwakar and Soumya Vishwas of Aarka Sports and Management Limited, has been filed in a Ranchi court, relating to a 2017 business deal.

In 2017, Diwakar reportedly entered into an agreement with Dhoni to establish cricket academies in India and abroad under the cricketer's name. However, the complaint alleges that he did not adhere to the specified conditions in the agreement.

Aarka Sports was obligated to pay the franchise fee and share profits according to the agreed-upon ratio, but all stipulated terms and conditions were violated. The partners initiated the establishment of academies without Dhoni's knowledge and failed to make any payments. The authority letter granted to them was revoked on August 15, 2021, despite which they continued establishing cricket academies and sports complexes in Dhoni's name without providing any financial details or sharing profits, according to his lawyer Dayanand Singh.

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