IPL 2024 set to take place in India despite Lok Sabha election- Reports

Huge relief for cricket fans, as the highly awaited IPL 2024 is set to begin on March 22, despite the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The Indian Cricket Board is currently in talks with the government to hold the IPL and elections in tandem.

Sarah Andrew
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Cricket fans are in for a treat as the much-anticipated Indian Premier League (IPL 2024) is set to kick-start on March 22, despite the looming Lok Sabha elections. India is set to have a Lok Sabha election in 2024, considered the biggest festival of democracy.

We have seen in the past that whenever it comes to elections, cricket takes a backseat. Still, this time it's going to be a bit different as the Indian Cricket Board along with the Indian government is planning to organize both the festivals of India in tandem. 

The Lok Sabha elections, organized in multiple phases, present a logistical challenge for the IPL. The scheduling of matches becomes a delicate task, but the Indian Cricket Board is in no mood to take India's major cash cow to some other country and is unwavering in its commitment to ensuring a seamless tournament in India only. 

To overcome the clash between elections and scheduled matches, the Indian Cricket Board adopts a flexible approach. Matches slated for cities facing election-related constraints will be shifted to alternate venues. This strategic adjustment aims to maintain the essence of the tournament while accommodating democratic responsibilities.

Behind-the-Scenes Collaboration

Behind the scenes, the Indian Cricket Board secretary Jay Shah and Home Minister Amit Shah collaborate closely to ensure the success of this mega event. Discussions with relevant ministries have already taken place, addressing logistical hurdles and ensuring the allocation of security forces to safeguard democratic duties and IPL matches.

Security remains a top priority, with proper allocation of forces to guarantee the safety of democratic proceedings and IPL matches. This meticulous planning reflects the determination to uphold the democratic spirit while delivering an exciting cricket spectacle.

Drawing from past experiences, the Indian Cricket Board is gearing up for organizational challenges as they were successful in holding the entire IPL in India itself despite it being the election year and this time also the Indian Cricket Board will aim to replicate it.

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