IPL 2024: Unveiling the Top 5 Finishers in IPL History – Records and Achievements

Explore the cricketing legends who have consistently excelled in IPL history. From breathtaking finishes to memorable innings, discover the top 5 finishers who have left an indelible mark on the Indian Premier League.

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) has witnessed significant growth over the years, leading to the emergence of a distinct category of players known as finishers. In every team, having finishers has become essential to accelerate the run rate in the concluding stages of an inning. These players are known for their ability to quickly unleash their power, meeting the expectations set for them.

Over the years the competition has seen several brilliant finishers who have aced the game and have also entertained the fans with their brilliant stroke-making capabilities. Let us look at the seven best IPL finishers of all time;

5. Hardik Pandya


Hardik Pandya currently holds the position of the best finisher in India, despite being ranked fifth on our list due to his comparatively lesser experience compared to players ranked higher. Making his debut for the Mumbai Indians in 2015, Pandya has evolved into one of the most formidable middle-order batsmen in T20 cricket.

 His ability to deliver clean and powerful hits at the end of innings significantly contributed to Mumbai Indians clinching four titles in seven seasons. He later captained the new franchise Gujarat Titans, leading them to their inaugural title in 2022. However, Pandya has returned to Mumbai Indians as captain, and fans are eagerly anticipating more impactful finishes from him. Throughout his IPL career, in the 123 innings that he has played in IPL, he has amassed 2309 runs at a strike rate of 145.9. Moreover, he has scored 10 half-centuries.

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4. Kieron Pollard


Having Kieron Pollard in the middle order alongside Pandya played a pivotal role in Mumbai's success in the IPL. Known as one of the most powerful batsmen globally, Pollard has showcased some of his best performances in the IPL. The West Indies international has accumulated over 5,000 runs in the death overs throughout his career, with more than 1,700 in the IPL alone.

The legendary West Indian all-rounder’s overall strike rate in the final four overs is 197, and in the IPL, it stands at 147. With 223 sixes, he ranks fifth all-time in the competition. Pollard's contributions have been crucial in Mumbai Indians chasing down numerous improbable totals, earning him the third spot on our list.

3. Andre Russell


In international cricket, Andre Russell is renowned for his powerful hitting, particularly in shorter formats. Since being signed by the Kolkata Knight Riders in 2014, Russell has consistently demonstrated his prowess as a game-finisher. He has become an integral part of KKR, especially in chasing substantial totals, where his capability to swiftly conclude the game distinguishes him from other finishers.

In the IPL so far, the legendary all-rounder has played 112 innings and has scored 2262 runs at a strike rate of 174.0 and has hit 193 sixes in the process.

2. AB de Villiers


AB de Villiers stands as one of the all-time great players in the IPL and is particularly renowned as one of the premier finishers in the tournament's history. Displaying his versatile batting skills, Mr. 360 delivered some of the finest innings for the Royal Challengers Bangalore from 2011 to 2021. His exceptional performances have played a pivotal role in winning numerous matches for RCB, solidifying his position among the greatest finishers in the realm of T20 cricket.

In his elite career of 184 matches, the legendary batter has scored 5162 runs at an average of 39.71 and a strike rate of 151.69. Meanwhile, he has also hit 251 sixes which makes him the third most six-hitting batter after Chris Gayle. He also has three centuries to his name.

1.     MS Dhoni


When it comes to finishing there is no other batter than MS Dhoni in the entire world. MS Dhoni, renowned for his exceptional finishing skills, is widely regarded as the world's best finisher. Leading the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League, Dhoni, despite a recent dip in effectiveness, retains the title of the greatest finisher in IPL history.

The India legendary batter is celebrated for his adeptness in guiding his team to victory from the middle order, characterized by clean hitting and a composed nature. Dhoni's numerous instances of steering his side to success underscore his unparalleled status as the IPL's greatest-ever finisher, a feat challenging for others to surpass.

In the 250 IPL matches that he played, the star batter has scored 5082 runs at an average of 38.79 and at a strike rate of 136. Moreover, he has also hit 239 runs. 

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