Top five cricketers with most sixes in International cricket after turning 30

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One of the biggest attractions in cricket is players who can hit sixes with ease. The likes of Adam Gilchrist, Sanath Jayasuriya, and Matthew Hayden have hit some huge sixes thanks to their power and skills. 

Since the advent of T20 Cricket, the ability to hit the six has become easy. It was believed previously that hitting sixes was a young man’s art. But over the years there have been a few players who have negated that through process.

In this article, we cast a closer look at the top five players who have hit the most sixes in international cricket since turning 30. 

5- Mohammad Hafeez – Pakistan -198 Sixes 


For nearly two decades Mohammad Hafeez was the lynchpin of the Pakistani batting unit. With a slight frame, the right-handed batter packed a punch when he was in form. Mohammad Hafeez piled on the runs after turning 30 and became a huge scorer for his national side. The former skipper also hit 198 sixes making one of the top cricketers with most sixes in international cricket after the age of 30. 

4- Brendon McCullum – New Zealand – 203 Sixes 


During his playing days, Brendon McCullum was the epitome of entertainment. The speed or reputation of a bowler did not seem to faze the former Kiwi skipper. Brendon McCullum bowed out of international cricket with the fastest century in Test cricket. It comes as no surprise that McCullum made up for lost time with his batting. With 203 sixes the former dashing batter is one of the top cricketers with most sixes in international cricket after turning 30. 

3- Sanath Jayasuriya – Sri Lanka – 227 Sixes 


Sri Lanka’s former dashing opener and skipper Sanath Jayasuriya redefined how cricket was played. It is his talent and temperament that saw him play cricket well past his 40th year. Considered one of the best batters of his era, Sanath Jayasuriya hit his prime in his late 20’s. The former Lankan star hit 227 sixes to be counted as a top cricketer with the most sixes in international cricket after turning 30. His 189 vs India is still the highest score by a Sri Lankan batter in the fifty-over format. 

2- Chris Gayle – West Indies – 321 Sixes


If there was a batter who could hit the first ball of a Test match for a six it is Chris Gayle. The former West Indian batter is the epitome of power and age didn’t slow him down. Chris Gayle is one of the few top cricketers who hit the most sixes after turning 30. His record of 321 sixes shows his dominance over the opposition bowlers. 

1- Rohit Sharma – India – 397* Sixes 


After initially floundering in and out of the team, Rohit Sharma came into his own when he opened the batting. India’s skipper has rediscovered his form in recent times with some amazing batting. Rohit Sharma has hit 397 sixes so far which is the most by any top cricketer since turning 30. Something tells us he still has a few more sixes up his sleeve before calling time on his career.