'Who’s is looking delusional?', Paulo Costa responds after UFC president deny Pay issues within promotion

It is not a mystery that United Fighting Championship’s (UFC) superstar Paulo Costa is having issues with promoters

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Paulo Costa

Paulo Costa (Source: Twitter)

It is not a mystery that United Fighting Championship’s superstar Paulo Costa is having issues with promoters. Now their fight is heating up as Paulo has reacted to the claims made by Dana White. Notably, the middleweight contender was supposed to face Robert Whittaker, last month, but nothing exactly worked out because of some differences between him and the UFC.

Speaking about the issue Costa publicly asserted that it was because of the pay that the promotion promised him. Responding to his allegations Dana White came up with his side of the story and denied all the claims made by Paulo Costa.

“I just had a situation recently, and I’ll tell you who it was, it was Paulo Costa,” White said. “He is a f*cking lunatic. He acts like a lunatic. And he came out publicly and … kind of said what we offered him. It was the furthest f*cking thing from the truth. It wasn’t true. And this was a while ago, and this is the first time I’ve even talked about it. But, it’s just an example.”

“It was the furthest thing from the truth”, says Dana White

White, further, said that the issue of pay is not true and it is far from the truth. Speaking, further, White said,

“See, these guys will say stuff like that because they know I won’t talk about it publicly because I don’t give a sh*t,” White continued. “All these people who come out and say ‘The UFC doesn’t pay their fighters, they only pay this percentage of this that and everything else. We got an awful lot of people who sit out and he recently came out about an offer we made and it was the furthest thing from the truth.”

Meanwhile, Paulo responded to the allegations again and responded to White’s comments on Social Media. Taking up to Twitter, Paulo posted a cryptic tweet and captioned, “Who’s is looking delusional? @DanaWhitesPenis tell them, bro.”

Based on their fight this is evident that we’re not going to see Costa in the cage anytime soon. Although, after Paulo’s revelation, there is a lot more pressure on the UFC to get a solution soon.

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