Top 5 Players with Most Ducks in the World Test Championship (WTC)

Check out the top 5 players who registered the most ducks in the World Test Championship (WTC). Find out their performances and contributions to this prestigious cricket tournament.

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Most Ducks in the World Test Championship

Most Ducks in the World Test Championship (Source: Twitter)

In the competitive realm of cricket, the frequency of ducks can be a defining statistic. However, it illustrates the challenges faced by players in the game. This article delves into the intriguing realm of the World Test Championship, shining a spotlight on the top five players who have encountered the most ducks in this esteemed tournament.

Examining their performance under the rigorous test format, this compilation provides insights into the resilience and occasional setbacks experienced by these players, contributing to the nuanced narrative of the WTC and showcasing the varied dynamics within the world of international Test cricket.

#5. Shaheen Shah Afridi (8 ducks)

Shaheen Shah Afridi

Pakistan's fast bowler, Shaheen Shah Afridi, has showcased his prowess in the World Test Championship (WTC), despite an unusual statistic. While being the 5th player with the most ducks in the tournament, scoring only 155 runs in 30 innings at an average of 6.45, Afridi has been a formidable force with the ball.

Notably, he has claimed an impressive 91 wickets, highlighting his significant impact as a bowler. This duality in performance underscores Afridi's resilience and effectiveness, making him a key contributor to Pakistan's success in the WTC. His ability to make substantial bowling contributions despite occasional struggles with the bat is a testament to his multifaceted skills on the cricketing stage.

#4. Pat Cummins (9 ducks)

Pat Cummins

Australia skipper Pat Cummins has made a notable impact in the World Test Championship (WTC) with his exceptional bowling prowess, amassing an impressive tally of 170 wickets, ranking him second highest in the tournament.

Despite this remarkable achievement, Rabada's batting performance reveals a contrasting statistic, placing him as the second-highest contributor to ducks in the WTC. With an undeniable talent for taking wickets, Rabada's dual role as a tailender adds a fascinating layer to his cricketing journey in the championship, where his bowling prowess stands tall amid occasional challenges with the bat.

#3. Kagiso Rabada (9 ducks)

Kagiso Rabada

In the World Test Championship (WTC), South African pacer Kagiso Rabada has showcased a noteworthy yet contrasting performance. While excelling as a potent wicket-taker with an impressive tally of 115 wickets, including a best of 6/50, Rabada finds himself in the unique position of being the 3rd-highest on the list of players with the most ducks in the tournament.

Despite his batting challenges, with an average of 11.05, Rabada's bowling prowess remains a dominant force in the WTC, underscoring the multifaceted nature of his contributions to South Africa's Test cricket endeavours.

#2. Khaled Ahmed (10 ducks)

Khaled Ahmed

In the World Test Championship (WTC), Khaled Ahmed's performance has been notable, albeit marked by a unique statistic. With a total of five ducks in his 17 innings, the Bangladeshi cricketer has secured the second position in the list of players with the most ducks in the tournament.

With an average of 0.41, Khaled Ahmed's consistent appearances on the list of ducks underscore the challenging encounters he has faced. As the WTC serves as a rigorous test of a player's skill and resilience, Khaled Ahmed's contribution, while grappling with occasional setbacks, adds an intriguing dimension to the tournament's diverse narratives.

#1. Jasprit Bumrah (14 ducks)

Jasprit Bumrah

In the World Test Championship (WTC), Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah's performance stands out, albeit not for his batting prowess. Despite amassing 108 wickets in 39 innings, a testament to his phenomenal bowling, Bumrah finds himself at the top of an unexpected list—that of players with the most ducks.

With a total of 14 ducks in 25 matches, Bumrah's resilience with the ball contrasts with occasional challenges wielding the bat. This statistic adds an intriguing layer to his WTC journey, showcasing the multifaceted nature of a player who, despite facing setbacks in one aspect, remains an instrumental force in the bowling department.

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