Kevin Pietersen has a piece of advice for Shubman Gill in Test cricket

Cricket News: The former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen asked Rahul Dravid to take care of Shubman Gill. The star batter asked Dravid to do what he did with Pietersen himself in the past with a letter.

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Shubman Gill

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Shubman Gill has not been able to give his best in a long time in Test cricket. After performing well in the BGT 2020/21, Gill has not been able to consistently deliver as a batter over a period of time. The star batter has been inconsistent and has been criticized by the fans since then. For most of his career, Shubman has averaged under 30 in the longest format of the game.

Addressing the issue, Kevin Pietersen asked Rahul Dravid to speak to Shubman Gill. The former England cricketer revealed how he was helped by the former Indian batter before the England's tour of India. Kevin asked Dravid to work on Gill's play in the offside. The former England cricketer emphasized several factors of Gill's game and asked them to work on things like strike rotation, finding gaps, and practising better.

Pietersen felt that Dravid needed to explore the quality player in the Indian dressing room like Gill. KP felt that a bit of confidence could be boosted by Rahul doing so. KP expressed that he is disappointed with Gill not being able to perform to his potential. The former England batter hoped to see better performance from Gill, provided the Indian management helps the youngster by giving the structure and the required confidence.

'We've seen some of those beautiful innings' - Kevin Pietersen

"And I'm not disappointed in the way that he got out. I'm just disappointed in the fact that he hasn't got that ability yet, but he's still a kid. Give him that ability. Give him that structure, and play the attacking shots that he has got in his armoury," said Pietersen in his statement. He added that the young batter from India has played a good knock in the recent past.

Pietersen was of the opinion that learning about strike rotation from Dravid could do a huge deal for Gill. "We've seen some of those beautiful innings, but if he rotates strike and he learns from Rahul Dravid, who needs to just take him under his wing and say, young man, this is how you do it, the world is his oyster, Pietersen concluded. 

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